Ubisoft – 2018 GameStop Managers’ Conference

Project GameStop Managers’ Conference Activities Event planning, design, decorative concept, implementation, and post-event activities Time Period 04.09.2018 Facts & Figures Approx. 300 GameStop store managers

Gamestop – 2018 Comic Con Munich

Project Comic Con Munich Activities Planning and implementation of a 140m² stand at the 2018 Comic Con in Munich Time Period 01.12. – 02.12.2018 Facts & Figures 140m² stand area, including 40m² sales area and 100m² chill out & gaming area, 6 gaming stations, 4 man-days

Gamestop – 2018 Comic Con Dortmund

Project Comic Con Dortmund Activities Planning, design, and implementation of a 25m² stand as well as staffing services for the Comic Con 2018 in Dortmund Time Period 15 – 16 September 2018 Facts & Figures 25m² stand area, stand planning, design, and construction, equipment and product management, storage, 4 man-days

GameStop – ManCon 2013

Project GameStop ManCon 2013 – Microsoft’s Stand at GameStop’s Managers Conference Activities Conceptual design, presentation development, stand construction, scheduling, management of technical equipment Time Period August 2013 Facts & Figures 350 managers, 4 prizes (including “Best of Show” & “Best Game”)