Blue Byte – 2018 Grand Opening in Berlin

Project Grand Opening in Berlin Activities Event planning, design, decorative concept, implementation, and post-event activities Time Period 25.09.2018 Facts & FIgures 121 guests, not counting employees (approx. 50 PAX)

ASUS – Media Briefing / Motherboards Berlin 2014

Project ASUS – Media Briefing at Motherboards Berlin 2014 – Product presentation and showcase for bloggers and press Activities Concept, location management, multimedia, staff management, catering, coordination Time Period April 2014 Facts & Figures 50 international press representatives  

World Wrestling Entertainment – YOU 2013

Project World Wrestling Entertainment @ YOU Activities Support of gaming pods at WWE Games, animating the public to participate in a photo promotion and take flyers Time Period 31 May to 2 June 2013 Facts & Figures 6 promoters, 1 moderator, 135,000 trade fair visitors