Brother – Truck Tour 2017

Project Promotional tour with stops at over 200 retailers in Germany and Austria Activities Tour planning, homepage creation including invitational tool, creation of a promotional video, staff acquisition, training, and management, catering, promotional management, post-event reporting Time Period 2017 Facts & Figures 200 promotional days

Benefit – Brow Bar Roadshow 2016

Project Promotion roadshow through German cities, on-site cosmetic advice for eyebrows, prize draws, free eyebrow shaping Activities Conception, implementation, production, logistics, personnel handling, documentation Time Period May – June 2016 Facts & Figures 8 promotional weekends in Cologne, Essen, Dresden, Hanover, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt/M., Leipzig

Melitta – Coffee Bike Roadshow 2016

Project Melitta – Coffee Bike Roadshow 2016 Activities Conceptual development, manufacture of coffee bike, logistics, personnel management, location scouting, procurement of permits, outfit production, documentation Time Period May and June 2016 Facts & Figures 104 promo days in 2016  

Melitta – Handelspartner Roadshow

Projekt: Verkostungsroadshow für Melitta Vollautomaten Aktion: Konzeption, Produktion Stand, Logistik, Personalhandling, Marktabsprachen, Genehmigungshandling, Outfitproduktion, Dokumentation

Melitta – Coffeebike Roadshow

Projekt: Verkostungs-Roadshow durch deutsche Metropolen sowie Salzburg + Wien. Im Fokus stehen die Kommunikation des Themas „Handfiltration“ sowie „Cold Brew“. Aktion: Konzeption, Produktion des Coffeebikes, Logistik, Personalhandling, Locationscouting, Genehmigungshandling, Outfitproduktion, Dokumentation

Benefit – Brow Bar Roadshow 2015

  Project Promotional roadshow in German cities featuring on-site eyebrow treatments, lottery, and social media photo challenge   Activities Conception, implementation, logistics, staffing, documentation   Time period July – August 2015   Facts & Figures 4 promotional days in Berlin and Düsseldorf

LG – OLED Roadshow

Projekt: Personelle Betreuung der „LG OLED Roadshow“ sowie der „Perfect Black Gallery“ am Flughafen München Aktion: Personalakquise, Schulung und Betreuung vor Ort. Vorstellung des Themas „OLED“ sowie „Perfect Black“ auf der Sonderaktionsfläche zwischen Terminal 1 + 2

2014 Xbox Barmer Roadshow

Project “Germany on the Move” 2014 Roadshow Activities Integration of the Xbox brand in the roadshow being undertaken by the health insurer Barmer Ersatzkasse; development of market positioning; organization and management of all service providers; staff management Time Period April 2013 – October 2014 Facts & Figures 5 locations, 11 promotional days (in 2014)

Microsoft – Roadshow Projects 2014

Project Roadshows for Xbox 360 & Kinect & Windows Phone, etc. Activities Truck promotions at festivals, events, trade fairs, speciality stores, pedestrian zones, bathrooms, sporting events, complete organisation and implementation Time Period April 2013 – October 2014 Facts & Figures Between 2,000 – 3,500 man-days per year